students planting flags
Photo credit: Dan Watson, The Signal

This was the seventh year that Trinity’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom has led the 9/11 Never Forget Project, which is hosted by hundreds of Young Americans for Freedom chapters across the country. 

A reporter from The Signal attended and wrote a nice story for our local paper which you can read HERE.
Trinity's 9/11 Never Forget Photo Gallery

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Modigliani style portrait

The art curriculum at Trinity is designed in conjunction with the classroom lesson in order to reinforce a historical context. For example, as 4th grade is learning about the Renaissance in the classroom, art class is introducing Renaissance art forms and working with materials such as metal and stained glass.

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junior high kids with littles

Since our Buddies program is organized each year by the House Captains, it's a little different each year, as students come up with new icebreakers and new games for them to play with their buddies. The little ones always enjoy their time with their big friends.

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students at camp looking out at the mountain view

September 12, 2018 - It's an annual favorite! The Rhetoric School (high school) students attend a Spiritual Emphasis camp for a week at the beginning of the school year. They live together, worship together, pray together, eat together, have fun together, compete with each other, and grow their relationships with God, with peers and with faculty members. 

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9/11 ceremony - flag salute

September 11, 2018 - Early this morning, Trinity students, faculty and parents started the day with remembrance. Our country has vowed to "Never Forget" the tragic events of that day in 2010 when thousands of Americans lost their lives to terrorism.

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