Knights at the Table

For many students in the Imago Dei School, making friends and understanding social dynamics can be a challenge. This is a difficulty often shared by individuals with disabilities. One way that Trinity and the Imago Dei School seek to support students who experience this challenge is through the well developed Peer Mentor program which serves students in grades K-12. At every level, Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric school, there are opportunities for general education students to come alongside their peers in the Imago Dei School, model appropriate social interactions and develop genuine friendships.

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Rhetoric School and Transitions students from the Imago Dei School visited Guide Dogs of America in Sylmar last week. They are exploring potential partners for their Paid Work Experience Program through the Department of Rehabilitation. Students were given a grand tour of the state-of-the-art breeding and training facility that provides expertly matched guide dog partners to adults from the U.S. and Canada who are blind or visually impaired.

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junior high kids with littles

Since our Buddies program is organized each year by the House Captains, it's a little different each year, as students come up with new icebreakers and new games for them to play with their buddies. The little ones always enjoy their time with their big friends.

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IDS students at the Pipe organ

Imago Dei students took a trip to First Presbyterian Church in Newhall, which houses a very large and lovely pipe organ. Students learned how the pipes are activated, how the “shutters” open and close in order to make the sound softer and louder and how the “stops” control the different sounds.

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