A Special Day for Logic School

August 31, 2018 - Today, seventh and eighth graders got their first taste of teamwork for the school year. They started out with a few games, they heard from Mr. Fudge, heard about a new program with the Imago Dei School, had a pizza lunch, made up team songs and chants, and split off by gender and had separate talks to end the day. They surely went home exhausted. 

The first game they played was a LEGO game. Teams were allowed to look at a small lego tower that Mrs. Collver built with multiple bricks differing in shape, size and color. They had to take their bag of same-sized bricks and build the same small tower by memory. They worked as teams, with one student allowed to go back and take additional looks at the sample. Parent volunteers shot them with water guns to keep them cool while they built. Teams Pericles, David and Ajax won first place honors for this event.

Next, they endeavored to build the tallest tower they could with the shoes they were wearing. There were multiple failed attempts and re-builds before Ajax won for seventh grade with a 78cm tower and Pericles won for eighth grade with a 92cm tower.

The final event was a one legged race. Competitors were to hop with a full cup of water across the field and dump the water in a bucket, and then sprint back, where the next person on the team took their turn. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the spirit of competition and teamwork. Pericles won for eighth grade and Odysseus won for seventh.

Mr. Fudge, Dean of Logic School, shared, "Though the whole day was splendid, I was most excited to hear from the other Logic School teachers about how engaged the students were when they discussed what they learned during the talks. They also seemed to really enjoy creating a team chant."

In Mr. Fudge's talk, he challenged the students to recognize that, as they've chosen to follow Jesus, they have gained a new family. But, as members of His family, they have certain responsibilities. They are to look out for each other and care for each other, as they would care for their own family.