Imago Dei Students Work at Salt Creek Grille

As part of the Imago Dei School's participation with the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) in a new Student Services program, our high school and transitions students had their first day of work at Salt Creek Grille in Valencia.

The manager of the restaurant, Jennifer Chadwick, put them to work. She taught them how to properly polish the silverware and how to roll it tightly and neatly into a black cloth napkin.

The four students, along with their teacher, Mr. Smith, took the city bus to and from the job site. They will be working every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11am. They will work 100 hours with Salt Creek and then rotate to another business. The DOR pays the students for their work with participating businesses.

Since Imago Dei has A Great Dei T-Shirt Company, students took the initiative to make t-shirts to wear as their "uniform" at Salt Creek, personalized with the restaurant's logo and each of their names. Ms. Chadwick, who is a graduate of The Master's University and has a heart for our students, said that she is going to see if they can order some of the shirts from A Great Dei to sell at the restaurant! She also commended them for their work ethic.

As for the students, Mr. Smith was happy to report that they really enjoyed their time working at Salt Creek and that Leo said, "I learned that a knife is not a toy!"




tshirt with salt creek logo