Imago Dei Transitions Students Hard at Work

Work is a central part of adult life, consuming almost half of our waking hours.  A job can provide a sense of belonging, accomplishment, pride and an overall feeling of satisfaction with life. Understanding what employment options are available and finding the right job is difficult for many adults, and even more so for individuals with disabilities. That is why preparing students for the workforce is an important aspect of the educational program for students in the Imago Dei School. The Imago Dei school seeks to engage students in identifying their strengths and interests and providing opportunities for students to get hands-on paid work experience while they are in high school and transitional (18-22 yrs old) school. By doing so, students gain valuable skills and experiences necessary to successfully transition to the workforce as an adult.

Imago Dei's Rhetoric School and Transitions students working at Talladium Milling Center have the opportunity to work in various areas of assembly and production. Interviewing skills, web-based timecard usage, time management, and social skills are also skills that students practice in the Imago Dei School.