Science Week

Last week, the upper school students in the Imago Dei School enjoyed the short week with four days of marine science, including two field trips! The first was to the Oxnard Marine Center, where they met with a team of marine scientists who work at the college.

They did a lesson on the different ocean zones, the fish that we see in those zones, and a short documentary on birds. They used play dough to form different fish that are found in the layers of the ocean! After the bird documentary, students had their wingspan measured and compared it to different birds such as seagulls, shearwater birds, pelicans, and ravens! Students explored touch tanks with sharks, fish, anemones, crabs, sting rays and more! In addition to petting the shark, they got to watch them get fed some squid! 

After the time at the marine center, students, teachers, parents and aides enjoyed a walk along the water looking at the scenery and different boats in the marina. They shared a meal together at Toppers pizza which rounded out a wonderful day of learning and bonding with each other.

Day #2 was spent in the classroom doing experiments: Ocean in a Bottle, Sand Slime, Rainbow Fish Slime, and a Salt Water Experiment. The students decorated the room to look like the ocean, with fish pictures hanging from the ceiling, gold fish and gummy worms to snack on, and two beach chairs with beach towels for the in-class beach experience. The students had to follow along with the experiment directions step by step as we went through each activity and they got to take home their experiments! "We had an absolute BLAST!" said their teacher, Miss Escorza.

Day #3 was spent on a boat! From the Channel Islands Harbor, IDS students boarded a boat with parents, teachers, aides, crew, and Mr. Caddow as their photographer. They got to see dolphins and sea lions in the water! The students touched sardines, fish, sea sponges, sea slugs, starfish, and ocean mud. They measured the wind speed and viewed through a microscope many different microscopic organisms that can be found in a small sample of ocean water. The teachers loved seeing how engaged each student was.

Mr. Caddow said, "The IDS teachers and assistants do a fantastic job! It was great to see how they all teach and interact with the students. The thing that I loved most of all was seeing how the students acted and cared for one another.  They encourage each other, are considerate of one another, they have a great a great bond with each other."

Day #4 ended the science week with some final experiments, a documentary, and a bbq for some faculty and their peer mentors. Some of the students helped prepare the hot dogs with Mr. Smith and his crew. The entire class served those who came by to eat before enjoying some food themselves. Miss Escorza was beaming, "We could not have asked for a better week spent together!"

Photos from day one at the college are attached and Mr. Caddow's photos from the floating lab can be found here.