Modigliani Portraits

The art curriculum at Trinity is designed in conjunction with the classroom lesson in order to reinforce a historical context. For example, as 4th grade is learning about the Renaissance in the classroom, art class is introducing Renaissance art forms and working with materials such as metal and stained glass.

Artists are studied and students are sometimes asked to create a piece in the style of a particular artist. These pieces were inspired by Italian artist Modigliani. He had an Expressionistic style and is known for portraits characterized by elongation of faces, necks and figures that were not received well during his lifetime but later found acceptance.

Grammar School students were asked to re-create a portrait using Modigliani's unique approach. Students enjoyed putting their own twist on his characteristic style.

4th grade Imago Dei Student Michael Bell created the first piece from a portrait of his Mother. Art teacher Mrs. Mosser said, "I am so impressed and inspired by this piece. Students were required to do a portrait in the art style of 'Modigliani' and he did just that!" 

The other two pieces were painted by Trinity Grammar School students.