Starting the Year off at Camp

September 12, 2018 - It's an annual favorite! The Rhetoric School (high school) students attend a Spiritual Emphasis camp for a week at the beginning of the school year. They live together, worship together, pray together, eat together, have fun together, compete with each other, and grow their relationships with God, with peers and with faculty members. 

Matt Dixon, Director of Spiritual Life at Trinity, said they were challenged to live a life of purpose that comes only from knowing Christ. The hope is that they will take what they've learned at camp and apply it throughout this year and in fact, their whole lives. To continue in this vein, students are encouraged to be a part of one of several Discipleship groups they can choose from that meet Thursdays during lunch. Groups start this week!

Humanities Department Chair Zach Weichbrodt said, "A special memory for me was seeing the many small acts of service and kindness so many students did for one another through the week: navigating the mazy dining room to refill water pitchers for a group, carrying a friend with a rolled ankle up a hill, sharing snacks or sunscreen with kids who came less-than-prepared, carefully teaching dance moves to confused freshmen, patiently walking with a peer hobbling on crutches, including new friends at the lunch table, etc."

"Forest Home was a time of fellowship, fun, prayer, challenge, insight, exercise, dancing, and swimming. It was a joy to see students compete, dance, and get launch off the "blob" together," remarked Keith Buhler, Humanities teacher.

Tim Smith, Imago Dei teacher, commented, "We had a wonderful week at camp!  This year we went to a camp that is new to us, Lakeside at Forest Home in the San Bernardino Mountains. I was very proud of our peer mentors, Corinne, Tamar, and Nicole, for helping our students have a great experience.  The peer mentors were able to introduce our students to many Trinity students creating a large circle of friends.  Beau, Ethan, and Leo all stated they had a great time.  They loved the Lake activities, the chapel services, and the milkshakes!"

One of the great strengths of Trinity is the investment that the faculty makes in the students, not only academically, but personally. They truly care for the hearts and souls of the students and it shows in the way they interact at camp and everyday on campus.